Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding

“Gliding of the waves against the shore, Rush of the gentle breeze where,
Hearing of the chirping of birds,
What a sight it is when music nears”

The perfect dream weddings! Yes, we are talking about the beach wedding and these 4 lines possibly describes the best feeling of the beach weddings. There is no confusion in thinking about marrying at the beach as it so simple yet exciting. The beach weddings are more of hassle free. “Find a beach out, put on the fancy dress, skip down the shoes and get ready for the perfect walk on aisle” As first thing comes first…… The perfect beach Got the date? Still worried? What to do?

Look out for the perfect beaches all over the world for your beautiful day. The options are totally dependent on you as you might prefer the locations nearby you while some might be costly and far away. When choosing about the perfect wedding location of beach, you can divide them on the basis of public and private along with amenities. VG Craft is here so that our bride and groom will have a perfect wedding wear and the photographs as per their choices. We are here for you to organize the weddings at the beach, wedding planners in Jaipur , also providing packages for beach wedding.

Private wedding requires the early booking while the public wedding requires permits for conducting the marriage. It also includes the level of accessibility while booking the location down. Wearing the perfect dress

You should know that, “Causal but not too casual”. The beach weddings are quite different from regular weddings. The dresses are not that typical where you wear heavy gowns, lehangas along with gold jewellery. You can try non-traditional gowns which are of light colour. They can be ranging from crochet to chiffon. The major goal of the beach wedding is to look better and stay cool in the sunshine. There are several things which you can try:

  • Skip down the princess gowns
    Choose some simple wedding dress instead of heavy gown. Avoid the long as it will be difficult for you to walk in such an atmosphere.
  • Go for the backless look
    These kinds of dresses are quite look and looks amazing. The beach wedding gives you suitable chance to be daring with the look, try to be more creative on this beautiful day.
  • Ditch you heels (At least for today) You can leave your heels for this day and opt for some beach sandals. You can also find these sandals on online stores. You also need to keep the thickness of aisle more in order to avoid the heating.
  • Informal groom
    Avoid the formal attire as the important day are sweatier and tiring. Keep your guy cool during this time by not forcing him to wear formal attire. For a combination in the beach light pants would work just fine.
  • Go tan line free
    You need to avoid the tan line during the beach wedding occasion. Look out for the scorching heat before getting out. It can spoil you perfect look.Looking for the best wedding planner? Don’t hesitate!
  • VGCRAFT is your solution for handling all the management of beach weddings. We provide you all the services and handles your headache for this occasion.


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