Traditional Wedding

Traditional Wedding

Do you want to plan your wedding in delightful and autonomous manner - just rock and chill with Traditional Wedding ideas with VGCRAFT.

Every boy or girl have their mindset to organise their wedding in manner so that it can be memorable to each and every person who become part of that precious day often as everybody starts thinking for theme wedding, but problem arises that there are now too many types of theme wedding which strikes our mind and make two minds to conflict. If you want to make your wedding precious and memorable in delightful and simple mode then go for "Traditional Wedding".

Tradition Wedding comprises of many ceremonies and following their heritage, ancestor rituals which makes the wedding 'shandar' like in India tradition wedding consist of 'Haldi, Lagan, Mehandi or henna ceremony' through which peoples enjoy a lot and they feels amazing and enthusiastic, they really enjoy it.

Traditional Wedding theme comes out to be top most the No.1 theme in queue of theme weddings. In this couple individually shows their own ritual and ceremony which are being followed by their elder ones. Traditional Weddings are planned by keeping in mind that there should be some order pursued of their rituals, they should be conducted in perfect manner, according to the Tradition followed by couple's families. Several decisions like: -

Ceremony Venue

Get set go! Wait! What is the venue? While planning for 'Traditional Wedding' the most important factor comes to the mind is ceremony venue…

Reception Venue

Tradition Wedding means lots of people's and extravagance, full of 'masti' and Loud sizzles and lots of dance which needs a large ballroom ...

What the reception venue consists of?

Along with lots of people's they required to be crouch. So, reception should have a raised top (called 'stage') on which a special sitting...

Adorn - decor

Decor is another vital factor which comes in to the consideration during the planning of Traditional Wedding. Decoration should be planned...

Dress Code

Have you ever wondered what’s most special in 'Traditional Wedding'? No? THE DRESS CODE - Every Person is noted wearing formal or above dresses...

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